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Using a mobile app to schedule appointments at the consumers' convenience eliminates phone tag with the Appraiser.


EXOS sends Appraiser profile information to the consumer prior to the appraisal appointment, allowing for verification of the Appraiser's identity when he or she arrives.


The ability to access information on what to expect during the process and appointment helps consumers understand their role.

Convenient Scheduling

With EXOS, scheduling is easy and convenient, and, most importantly, it’s the consumer who selects when the appointment will take place.

  • Mobile scheduling capabilities offer consumers the utmost convenience to set an appointment, share details with a spouse or another individual and receive reminders according to communication preferences.
  • Need to select a different date? Simply tap “Show More Days” and EXOS will allow you to select from calendar mode.


The ability for the consumer to receive the Appraiser’s profile information in advance of the appointment provides peace of mind like never before.


EXOS provides information about what to expect during the appraisal appointment and helps consumers understand their role throughout the various stages in the process.

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Mobile App

When the appraisal is ordered, a system-generated notification (text or email) is sent to the property contact. The property contact will have the option of downloading the EXOS app or accessing the browser version of EXOS.
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Easy Set-Up

The customer will login to EXOS using the property contact information that they provided on the order. Using a two-step verification process, EXOS will then validate the customer’s identity by texting or emailing a verification code to the phone number provided on the order.
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Convenient Scheduling

With the EXOS real-time calendar, customers are encouraged to select the first available date for the appraisal. Each date shows the number of possible appointment times when pre-qualified appraisers are available. More dates and times can display if other dates are needed.
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Real-Time Notifications

The appointment request and appraiser assignment occur simultaneously. Details regarding the appointment and property information are sent to the assigned appraiser immediately. The customer will also receive important notifications during the process, including a welcome message, appointment confirmation and reminders.
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Appraiser Profiles

Customers will receive appraiser profile information prior to the appointment. This will allow the customers to verify the appraiser’s identity when the appraiser arrives, offering peace of mind for the customer like never before.
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Educational Information

Educational information regarding the appraisal process is available for consumers who may be new to the process or need a refresher.